Since 2017, Jahi has presented all over the world- "The Intersection between Hip Hop Culture & Education," an interactive lecture, discovery, and demonstration on the life affirming principles of Hip Hop culture. 

deYoung Museum - San Francisco 2/22/2020


MOCA Cleveland-Ohio

The Charles Wright Museum- Detroit

The George Washington Carver Museum- Austin

The Harvey B. Gannt Center in Charlotte-North Carolina

San Francisco State University- San Francisco


SF Human Rights Commission- San Francisco

Museum of the African Diaspora- San Francisco


California Music Educators Association- Oakland

Into-Action- Los Angeles with Schools Not Prisons

The Oakland Museum of California- Oakland

The Northwest African American Museum-Seattle

WACO Theater-Los Angeles

Chabot Space and Science Center-Oakland


Science Gallery of Dublin- Dublin Ireland





Khartoum Contemporary Art Center- Oslo, Norway



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