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Forward Future- The title track of the album. It's the manifesto. The music was a surprise as it was supposed to be the remix, but it came out so funky with that baseline that we decided to make it the official title track. Favorite line "the pen on cruise control/men here don't fall or fold." 

Yes Yes Y'all- More social commentary over boombap speaking my truth on some of the headlines that were in my timeline.  As the underground spirit of speaking truth to power is constantly being pushed down and not shown, the "turn me up in the top" is a message that good music will still get through and have that classic feel "Yes Yes Y'all" 

Medaase- After returning from Ghana in 2019 having my mind blown the one thing I wanted to create was an audio journal of what I saw, and felt while there.  I had to try to Twi in my rhymes and to Ghana this is my personal thank you note.  Configa took on the challenge of faster tempos and gave it the energy it needed. 

I Remember- The centerpiece of the album. It's the one song that came through early, in the late of night, and really set the tone for the entire album. One word, cinematic. 

Rock On- The most fun I've had on a track in a while with styles, cadences, and just flow.  This song lets people know that we are into forward progression and as the earth continues to move on its axis we continue to Rock On. Favorite line- "Don't come round our way/if you got nothing to say." 

Mindfulness- As I grow more into the elder side of manhood, mindfulness has been the one thing I've applied to my life that has constant positive dividends on spiritual, mental and physical levels. The music felt like a meditation and I wanted to write something for Hip Hop to consider. 

Fly- A clever way, in the chorus to shout out Malcolm X & Dr. King (By Any Means-Be About Your Dreams). I was watching an artist talk about his writing process and how he wanted to write the most grimiest rhyme he could think of.  I said to myself, what would be 180 to that? Fly is a song about enjoying life and taking time to smell the roses and drop the top. 

More News @ 10- Straight up talking that rhyme talk over a Hip Hop Opera music bed.  Consciousness does not mean soft, and I blacked out in the studio and when I opened my eyes I imagined a news scene where a MC took wack rappers out.  In my BBoy stance. 

Ghetto Poems- In my favorite spot Pacifica, CA watching the sunset thinking about life, music, and my journey.  When Configa came with the live bass and drums it took me to that introspective place I like to go once a project is completed.  Its our Hip Hop swan song to the album.

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