I am Jahi- Artist / Lecturer / Executive

Talk That Talk




Raising our taxes robbing the masses
Two powder kegs race and classes
Still dealing with this devil man I gotta say it
Live at the radio station so you know they not go play it Owned by corporations look at burnt clown running the nation Look at how they do the deportation of the Haitians
North Korea over there shooting bombs for practice
Some cooning bafooning streaming live for their masters Boycott facebook streaming live death
Do a google seach you can see it for yourself
It was a plan to get you programmed on instagram
They know all your thoughts got pictures of your fam
Got you telling all your feelings on the world wide web
A cold piece meltdowns like Tyrese
The beast is tricky in the 21st century
Message to the wise yo you need to know your enemy

Looking at the top 10 songs on billboard
Looking at the artist title of songs they record
Most people better world coming together to make it But the soundtrack to the movement same ol shit
It don’t match
Like a lot of their clothes
Don’t be blindsided by those BS flows
We dont live our lives all day in the club
And you can buy all you want but you can’t buy love Not the real kind anyway
Saying what I gotta say
More fake news more fake everyday
That’s why I hit nature fresh air
Tap into the real deal
Guard your mind and your grill
Watch for fentanyl and them pills and your cannabis too System trying to drug me and you
The best thing you can do ever is to stay woke
Cause politics and 911 still a joke