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So Tired...



Facts: Chuck D sent me this at about 3:30am. I was blown away.  One that he listened to the song, and two that he would create original artwork to go with the song.  Off memory.  No sketch.  Also, one of the hardest songs in my career to learn.  The way I originally wrote it was very different than how it came out. Practice is what takes a good MC to great. 



Not feeling the NFL its high stakes
CEO’s now calling the players inmates
Even in our games its embedded with hate
Thank you Mr. Kaepernick cause change can’t wait we interrupt your game
and your out of touch way of life
Things won’t be the same
Until we deal with what’s not right
Never about the flag
We know its bout the dollars
We want a land that’s safe
For our black sons and daughters
Tired of having to say again in a song
A lot of things right
But can’t overlook the wrongs
Bigger than a sport or a gesture on the field
We live in this world daily where its real
I think about my ancestors
Peanut fields
On how they stood strong
In the face of getting killed
Survived so I could arrive
more injustice at sunrise
but still keep
My eye on the prize
But Im tired

Working to make system change on the daily Some people in school systems
Lost their minds and crazy
In charge with the care of our babies

And build minds
The opposite of that
Is happening to many times
Especially if you’re a young black male
It’s so critical some
Principals treating black youth
Like they’re criminals
And when you call them out
then they say we adversarial
Ask myself daily what what Tupac say and do Keep speaking truth to power
Empower and agitate
Like I said the first verse change can’t wait Paul Robeson said beware of gradualism

Get and build our own should
Be a collective vision
I think about my ancestors teaching in
A one room shack
Telling black youth they were gifted and black Stay proactive not react
Dealing with schools in crisis
hard to have unity
With so much divisiveness
Im tired

Even in Hip Hop we at a crossroads Who’s doing it for love
And who’s selling their soul
who’s holding down the culture Who’s lifting it up

when I first came in the game It was not chance or luck
It was real skill being original And authentic

Wanted to be yourself and not copy
A hit list
Tired of what I see that doesn’t represent me I’m not perfect
But lack of reflection of my reality
All of us didn’t sell drugs
Or thugs turned rappers
had real role models
more than sport people and actors
Call me a benefactor ambassador of Hip Hop Violence & misogny I wish it would stop
We went from microphone fiends
To little Harvey weinsteins
This deeper than your sneakers
And white wash holly jeans
When I think of what it means
I think of the pioneers
Made the song cry cause I’m fresh out of tears