I am Jahi- Artist / Lecturer / Executive

Nation Builder

by Jahi of PE 2.0

Released 04/06/2018
Released 04/06/2018
The 4th album in the PE 2.0 catalog. Social commentary over BoomBap

  • 02:15 Story Lyrics Talk That Talk

    Raising our taxes robbing the masses
    Two powder kegs race and classes
    Still dealing with this devil man I gotta say it
    Live at the radio station so you know they not go play it Owned by corporations look at burnt clown running the nation Look at how they do the deportation of the Haitians
    North Korea over there shooting bombs for practice
    Some cooning bafooning streaming live for their masters Boycott facebook streaming live death
    Do a google seach you can see it for yourself
    It was a plan to get you programmed on instagram
    They know all your thoughts got pictures of your fam
    Got you telling all your feelings on the world wide web
    A cold piece meltdowns like Tyrese
    The beast is tricky in the 21st century
    Message to the wise yo you need to know your enemy

    Looking at the top 10 songs on billboard
    Looking at the artist title of songs they record
    Most people better world coming together to make it But the soundtrack to the movement same ol shit
    It don’t match
    Like a lot of their clothes
    Don’t be blindsided by those BS flows
    We dont live our lives all day in the club
    And you can buy all you want but you can’t buy love Not the real kind anyway
    Saying what I gotta say
    More fake news more fake everyday
    That’s why I hit nature fresh air
    Tap into the real deal
    Guard your mind and your grill
    Watch for fentanyl and them pills and your cannabis too System trying to drug me and you
    The best thing you can do ever is to stay woke
    Cause politics and 911 still a joke 

  • 04:18 Story Lyrics So Tired...

    Not feeling the NFL its high stakes
    CEO’s now calling the players inmates
    Even in our games its embedded with hate
    Thank you Mr. Kaepernick cause change can’t wait we interrupt your game
    and your out of touch way of life
    Things won’t be the same
    Until we deal with what’s not right
    Never about the flag
    We know its bout the dollars
    We want a land that’s safe
    For our black sons and daughters
    Tired of having to say again in a song
    A lot of things right
    But can’t overlook the wrongs
    Bigger than a sport or a gesture on the field
    We live in this world daily where its real
    I think about my ancestors
    Peanut fields
    On how they stood strong
    In the face of getting killed
    Survived so I could arrive
    more injustice at sunrise
    but still keep
    My eye on the prize
    But Im tired

    Working to make system change on the daily Some people in school systems
    Lost their minds and crazy
    In charge with the care of our babies

    And build minds
    The opposite of that
    Is happening to many times
    Especially if you’re a young black male
    It’s so critical some
    Principals treating black youth
    Like they’re criminals
    And when you call them out
    then they say we adversarial
    Ask myself daily what what Tupac say and do Keep speaking truth to power
    Empower and agitate
    Like I said the first verse change can’t wait Paul Robeson said beware of gradualism

    Get and build our own should
    Be a collective vision
    I think about my ancestors teaching in
    A one room shack
    Telling black youth they were gifted and black Stay proactive not react
    Dealing with schools in crisis
    hard to have unity
    With so much divisiveness
    Im tired

    Even in Hip Hop we at a crossroads Who’s doing it for love
    And who’s selling their soul
    who’s holding down the culture Who’s lifting it up

    when I first came in the game It was not chance or luck
    It was real skill being original And authentic

    Wanted to be yourself and not copy
    A hit list
    Tired of what I see that doesn’t represent me I’m not perfect
    But lack of reflection of my reality
    All of us didn’t sell drugs
    Or thugs turned rappers
    had real role models
    more than sport people and actors
    Call me a benefactor ambassador of Hip Hop Violence & misogny I wish it would stop
    We went from microphone fiends
    To little Harvey weinsteins
    This deeper than your sneakers
    And white wash holly jeans
    When I think of what it means
    I think of the pioneers
    Made the song cry cause I’m fresh out of tears 

  • 03:11 Story Lyrics B.L.A.P

    Like Blap
    When you see us coming thru
    Know the Kings in the building Represent the true & living Like Blap

    Power love over hate
    Building my heart soul and mind And staking up cake like Blap

    Spell my name say it right
    Respect the skills and the many years on the mic like Blap

    We coming through like blap

    Rhymer in a zone
    Pen & pad not a mobile phone
    Step into the danger zone then its on from the land of Bone Thugs
    & Harmony so pardon me
    real OG’s pump through my arteries Started w my Granddad
    A bottle and a shot glass
    in the 30’s and 40’s about his cash And businesses
    I don’t know what you think this is pull out the machete
    Protect the fam & my kids
    Other than that its all love
    In a peaceful zone
    2 stepping at the venue
    W wifey leave us alone
    If I don’t speak

    And Cardi what’s the reason New year feeling fresh
    for the season

    Like Blap
    When you see us coming thru
    Know the Kings in the building Represent the true & living Like Blap

    Power love over hate
    Building my heart soul and mind And staking up cake like Blap

    Spell my name say it right
    Respect the skills and the many years on the mic like Blap

    We coming through like blap

    My mind on my dividends Family and my close friends Lord forgive me of my sins Ambition to win

    My own definition
    Not chasing in any shadow
    Way in the deep
    While they paddle in the shallow
    Sturdy firm like a redwood
    From a ghetto neighborhood
    Mountain top view
    Giving thanks life is good
    Life is not all about struggle & sacrifice
    It’s also about love and long walks at night And putting down your phone
    And talk face to face
    Growing up
    See gray hairs on my face
    But the flow is still baritone
    Rhymer in a zone
    The right to be left alone
    The right be left alone
    I’m probably say every time
    I do a 16
    This country still don’t know
    What freedom mean
    As a black man
    Still feels like a strange land
    But on the other hand
    I’m making it happen
    Working my plan
    My ancestors survived
    So I saddle up and down to ride
    ocean cli
    ffs I hang glide
    Hiking with my sons
    Got something more powerful than guns And I know royalty points and mutual funds Nothing wrong with getting money
    Its just how you get it

    And how fast you spend it
    How you pursue it
    If you you lose your control
    Need more than money to get your soul back Jahi on the vocals Pain 1 on the track

    Dont blow that shit
    Stack it up and invest it
    And help our people in this world get some justice I’m a give you a quote and its my philosophy
    Like Mandela no one free till we alll free

Nation Builder was written at a time where the nation I live in, the US, is in turmoil. Instead of allowing the negative energy of the day cause reaction in my pen, I stayed proactive and did what I always do, speak truth to power from heart and mind. Enjoy the music & spread the word.