The Intersection Between Hip Hop Culture & Education is an interactive lecture series, discovery, demonstration, performance and musical call to action created by Jahi focusing on the life-affirming aspects of Hip Hop from an academic, educational as well as cultural lens.

We use lyrics from songs, examine complex life narratives of various artists, connect historical social movements to now, frame Hip Hop in a pedagogical sense for educators and teachers, and empower participants to build a holistic musical diet. Hip Hop Culture is rich with artistic expression, and we believe that museums & universities around the world provide the perfect environment for this dialogue and family-friendly experience.

The Intersection between Hip Hop Culture & Education has been presented at:

MOCA Cleveland-Ohio

The Charles Wright Museum- Detroit

The George Washington Carver Museum- Austin

The Harvey B. Gannt Center in Charlotte-North Carolina

San Francisco State University- San Francisco


SF Human Rights Commission- San Francisco

Museum of the African Diaspora- San Francisco


California Music Educators Association- Oakland

Into-Action- Los Angeles with Schools Not Prisons

The Oakland Museum of California- Oakland

The Northwest African American Museum-Seattle

WACO Theater-Los Angeles

Chabot Space and Science Center-Oakland


Science Gallery of Dublin- Dublin Ireland


Khartoum Contemporary Art Center- Oslo, Norway



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