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Greetings Family,

Jahi here with Week One of my new blog.  I'm officially free of all social media, and it feels great.  I've been off Facebook for 5 years or more, and last weekend said goodbye to Twitter. The truth is I felt like I was getting sucked into algorithms and curated news feeds by a hidden hand.  I looked on my phone- one feed, I looked on my laptop, another feed, but the reoccurring theme was still ads, images and messages that I would never on my own take in.  In my own effort to protect my mind, I'm not afraid to be out.  I know many folks who tell me how can I be an artist and not have a social media presence?  Well, my thinking is people will still interface with social media, and if I do something cool, release a record, a video or anything, folks can find it and post.  It gives me an indirect line to social media, but if I never scrolled another timeline I would be just fine.  Freedom is a road you get to define for yourself. 

Im an avid reader and I look for great news to share.  I can still do this, but have more control of the space here. With that said, welcome to my blog, welcome to my thoughts. Enjoy.

Week One feature is https://museumandmemorial.eji.org The National Memorial for Peace and Justice



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