I am Jahi- Artist / Lecturer / Executive

260 Pages - 35,000 Words

Greetings Family,


Long time no blog.  But a lot is happening on multiple fronts, all in a good way.  Writing a quick note because its a BIG deal for me.  After a year of plugging away, my book 100 Rhymes in My Lifetime Volume One is in post production.  260 pages and 35,000 words.  Its deep, I've always wanted to write an autobiography, and in a sense this is one in that its some of my best lyricism over the past 20 years.

As I was going through the process of transcribing my rhymes I realize I have said everything I wanted to say in the music, and Im humbly proud of myself because I chose a lane in 1999 and stayed in it in terms of the the types of things I wanted to express.  Most of it is straight ahead conscious rap, but there are some love songs, some vulnerable moments, and some lyrics that may even surprise and shock. But its all me and God willing it will be in your hands December 2018. Ashe- Out

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