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The Best News I Found This Week May 7th


Here's the top news stories from me from the week.

Cee Knowledge of Digable Planets drops a great new video "Spaceman."



RIP To the legendary drummer from the JB's John "Jabo" Starks



Lebron James making championship moves off the court




Bay Area artists chime in on Kendrick Lamar's Pulitzer Prize




Bishop Nehru- The Game of Life live inside Youtube Studios



Royce da 5'9 & Eminem show and prove with their new video "Caterpillar"



Meet the 13 year old Nigerian "Serena Williams"



Tonight, May 4th, 2018 I made history in Oakland as the first Hip Hop band to play The Oakland Museum of California.  It was a very good night.  Also the first time in Oakland playing the new album #NationBuilder.  It went very well.  Of course there are always some hiccups with one wack band member but overall it was well received,  I had a good time, and Im blessed and fortunate to be able to make it happen.  In deep reflective mode right now, but no way I would go to bed without writing my own highlight. 

Full video coming soon.

Social Media FREE

Greetings Family,

Jahi here with Week One of my new blog.  I'm officially free of all social media, and it feels great.  I've been off Facebook for 5 years or more, and last weekend said goodbye to Twitter. The truth is I felt like I was getting sucked into algorithms and curated news feeds by a hidden hand.  I looked on my phone- one feed, I looked on my laptop, another feed, but the reoccurring theme was still ads, images and messages that I would never on my own take in.  In my own effort to protect my mind, I'm not afraid to be out.  I know many folks who tell me how can I be an artist and not have a social media presence?  Well, my thinking is people will still interface with social media, and if I do something cool, release a record, a video or anything, folks can find it and post.  It gives me an indirect line to social media, but if I never scrolled another timeline I would be just fine.  Freedom is a road you get to define for yourself. 

Im an avid reader and I look for great news to share.  I can still do this, but have more control of the space here. With that said, welcome to my blog, welcome to my thoughts. Enjoy.

Week One feature is https://museumandmemorial.eji.org The National Memorial for Peace and Justice

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