Jahi is an educational consultant specializing in professional development for organizations, teachers and school districts. As the former Program Manager of African American Male Achievement/Oakland Unified School District from 2011 to 2019, Jahi was instrumental in recruiting, training and retaining 20 African American Male Teachers, building a 90% retention rate, developing the Asset Based Model that is now being used nationally, and helped to serve 800 students and 3000 families while managing up to 20 schools. 

Jahi's work is featured in the New York Times, SF Chronicle, Education Week, The Oakland Tribune and USA Today.  In addition, Jahi has been featured in two academic books on how to develop better life and academic outcomes for African American youth.

Jahi has developed the HARAMBEE Curriculum designed for elementary schools which provides gardening, music education, and social emotional support with a culturally competent focus. We plan and implement community events for families, provide professional development for teachers, and thought partnership for principals around building culture and climate plans for school sites.

 Youth Making Music.

Youth learning about Hip Hop culture and human skills via DJing.

Youth planting gardens and learning about health and wellness though food.

Community Events for Families and Community.

Professional Development for educators using The Asset Based Model.