I am Jahi- Artist / Lecturer / Executive

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Lecture Series:


The Intersection Between Hip Hop Culture & Education is an interactive lecture series, discovery, performance and musical call to action created by Jahi focusing on the life-affirming aspects of Hip Hop from an academic, educational as well as cultural lens.

We use lyrics from songs, examine complex life narratives of various artists, connect historical social movements to now, frame Hip Hop in a pedagogical sense for educators and teachers, and empower participants to build a holistic musical diet. Hip Hop Culture is rich with artistic expression, and we believe that museums & universities around the world provide the perfect environment for this dialogue and family-friendly experience.

The Intersection has been proudly presented at MOCA Cleveland-Ohio, The Charles Wright Museum in Detroit-Michigan, The George Washington Carver Museum in Austin-Texas, The Harvey B. Gannt Center in Charlotte-North Carolina, San Francisco State University in conjunction with the SF Human Rights Commission, Museum of the African Diaspora in San Francisco, Chabot College & San Jose State with the California Music Educators Association, Into-Action in Los Angeles and The Oakland Museum of California, and The Northwest African American Museum in Seattle to name a few.



Jahi is the newest member of Public Enemy as PE 2.0 created by Chuck D.   Here you can find interviews, features, new music, visuals, and global happenings are sharing the uniques experiences Jahi brings through sight, sound style and story.


Jahi also runs is own company Microphone Mechanics and KHMUNY Publishing focusing on music projects for youth and music publishing.